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Kimberlow Hill Surgery | Wenlock Terrace Surgery

Registering with Unity Health

Thank you for choosing Unity Health.

To register, please complete our Online Registration Form.

Please make sure you live within our catchment area found in the map below.

Please allow us 2 weeks to complete your registration, but if you require medical attention before that you can contact us to expedite your registration.

Important things to consider

Repeat Prescriptions

If you are on a repeat medication, please let us know as soon as you register so we can arrange the appropriate appointments to set up your medications on our system.


If you are on any type of contraception, please speak to one of our receptionist so they can advise you on how to set up your contraception on our system.

If you are from abroad

If this is the first time you register with a GP in the UK, please make sure to send us your immunisation history. Vaccination schedules are different from country to country and you might be due some NHS-covered vaccinations.

Coronavirus (Covid-19)