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Medical Report Requests

We no longer offer a private medical reports service. Due to this, any private medical reports should be taken to a private clinic to complete. Please see below a list of medical reports that we can and can’t do:

Medical Reports we can do and how much they’ll cost:

  • Access to Work Grant – Free
  • Accommodation Funding – Free
  • Additional Requirements Form – Free
  • Adoption Report – To be discussed with the GP
  • Blue Badge Evidence – Free
  • Bus Pass Concession – Free
  • Capacity Assessment/Court of Protection – Free
  • Copies of Records (Subject Access Requests) – Free
  • Council Tax Exemption/Sever Mental Impairment Certificate – Free
  • Disabled Student’s Allowance – Free to University of York students. £24.00 for students at other Universities.
  • Employment & Support Allowance – Free
  • Fostering Health Assessment – To be discussed with the GP
  • Homelessness Form – Free
  • Personal Independent Payment – Free
  • Student Finance England Estrangement Form – Free
  • Shotgun/Firearms License – £30.00
  • To Whom it May Concern Letter – Free if related to any of the above free reports or addressed to the University of York. £24.00 otherwise.
  • Universal Credit

Medical Reports we can’t do:

  • Bus/HGV Drivers License
  • Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority Report
  • Clinical Trials
  • Confirmation of Health
  • Driving Report (DVLA,COYC)
  • Fitness Statement
  • Gender Recognition Certificate
  • Insurance Reports (life, travel)
  • Occupation Health Reports
  • Parking Permits
  • Pilgrimage Forms
  • Recruitment (teaching, police, army, navy)
  • Solicitors Report (e.g. personal injury)
  • Sports Report (scuba, parachuting)
  • Study Abroad Forms
  • Visa Forms
  • Voluntary Work Reports
  • Work Abroad reports (e.g. Camp America, JET Programme, Adventure China)

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