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Medical Report Requests

Medical report requests are a private service not covered by the NHS, therefore they cannot be dealt with in a GP appointment.

How do I request a medical report?

To submit a request, please email [email protected] with all the relevant documents with the subject line “FAO the medical reports team”. We still accept requests in paper, but these may incur a delay.

Will I need to pay?

Medical reports may incur a charge. Once you submit your request, the Medical Reports team will inform you of any charges.

Please note that no medical report will be released without payment.

How long will my report take?

The turnaround is a minimum of 30 working days from receipt of payment currently, with the exception of requests for full copies of notes which are still a three month turnaround under Covid-19 regulation changes.

What kind of reports do we do?

ServiceRequired Length of Appointment
Access to medical recordsRegister for the NHS App
Medical Report – Long Examination Required30 minutes
Medical Report – Short Examination Required15 minutes
Medical Report – No Examination NecessaryNo examination necessary
Travel insurance Claim
(holidays / PPP/ BUPA etc)
No appointment necessary
Medication printoutNo appointment necessary
Record of immunisation printoutRegister for the NHS App
Passport countersignatureNot available
Private Pilots LicenceNot available
Shotgun Licences – Health DeclarationNot available
To Whom it May Concern letterNo appointment necessary
Any others not listedPlease email [email protected] with subject line “FAO the medical reports team”

Please note it may not be possible for us to undertake medicals for some specialised sports activities that may require the doctor to have an in-depth knowledge of the sport.

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