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Methods of Contraception

“I have always found the Nurses very helpful and knowledgeable about my contraception.”

Oral Contraceptive Pill

For repeat prescriptions or to change or start the contraceptive pill, please make an appointment with the nurse in our contraception clinic – there is no need to wait for a Doctor’s appointment.

Once you are established on your contraceptive pill we will only need to review you every 12 months, you can ask for a repeat prescription through the reception office in the normal way between reviews.

What to do if you miss a pill:

For information on what to do if you miss a pill follow this link to theĀ NHS Choices website.

Depo Provera – Contraceptive Injection

Depo provera injections are given every 12 weeks.

When arranging your next appointment time we always give you an 11 week appointment date so you have a few days spare to arrange the appointment.

Implanon – Contraceptive Implant

Implanon contraceptive implant is a long lasting reversible contraceptive.

The implant is a small, white rod, inserted just under the skin in the upper arm. It is a highly reliable method of contraception, providing up to three years protection. It is quick and easy to fit and remove and provides a rapid return to pre-existing fertility after removal.

If you are interested in this method of contraception please make an contact the surgery to make an appointment in the contraception clinic to discuss this with the nurse, she will then make arrangements for the Doctor to insert the implant.

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