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Your Medical Records

Accessing your medical records

You can access your medical records online by registering with the NHS App.

You can also request copy of your full medical records by writing to us at [email protected] FAO Medical Reports Team.

There are some limited and very specific reasons when access to medical records can be refused, these will be discussed in detail with anyone to whom it applies.

How the information in your medical records is used in the local health community

Your doctor and other health professionals caring for you, keep records about your health and any treatment you receive at this practice. These records are kept securely on our Practice computer system.

Where necessary, to provide you with the health care you need, your doctor will share information about you with others involved in your treatment, such as hospital consultants. This sharing is made easier and quicker nowadays by developments in information technology. Arrangements are already in place for secure electronic transfer of test results, referrals and discharge correspondence between local hospitals and GP practices.

Within the Selby and York Health Community, doctors can use computers to access additional information about their patients’ health. For example, if necessary in the course of your treatment, your GP can see a summary of your hospital, mental health and community health record, and doctors providing care for you at the hospital and in the Out of Hours service may also be able to view a summary of your GP record.

Access is subject to strict security controls and is only available to the doctors treating you, under a professional duty of confidence, in the interests of providing you with the best possible care. However, if you have any concerns about your doctor viewing your summary hospital record, please let us know.

The Data Protection Act and your records

All personal information kept by the practice is covered by the Data Protection Act for more information on how this affects your medical records, please see our Data Protection page.

Gender variant Patients: changing your medical records

NHS GP Guidance on the care of gender variant people (2008), issued by the Department of Health states that you may make changes to your medical record, which reflect your chosen identity.

In view of this guidance, Unity Health are eager to ensure that the patients of the practice who fall within this category are cared for in the manner in which the guidance intends.

Should you wish to make any changes to your electronic medical record, please contact the Practice by emailing us at admin.un[email protected]

Further details on the guidance can be found in the document below.

DOH Transgender Experiences Information & Support Leaflet

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