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Sick / Fit Note for the University of York

Sickness for Under Seven Days

If you are ill during term-time for under seven days, you can usually self-certify

Sickness for More than Seven Days

If you are sick for more than seven days, the University of York will request you to submit a medical certificate to the Student Hub. 

You will also require a sick note if:

  • You will have been absent through illness for more than 10 days in total in the current academic year.
  • Your period of illness is to be considered as exceptional circumstances.
  • Your Board of Studies has formally required you to attend all teaching

Please fill this form to request a Confirmation of Illness .

If you have not seen a doctor at the practice and we have had no information from a medical professional about your illness, you will not be able to get a certificate without an appointment. Please book a routine appointment; urgent appointments are only provided for genuine medical emergencies and not for the purpose of certificates.

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