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Medication Shortages at Pharmacies

The surgery is aware of a number of drugs currently unavailable at Pharmacies. Unfortunately, the surgery is unable to do anything to assist in sourcing these items if the pharmacy cannot. Drugs currently affected include:

Emerade auto-injector 300mcg

Emerade auto-injector 500mcg


Elleste Solo tablets

Elleste Duet tablets


Ranitidine (tablets, solution, injections)

Famotidine tablets

Cimetidine tablets

Nizatidine capsules

Depakote 250mg tablets

Dermol cream

Dermol 600 bath emollient

Sofradex ear/eye drops

Salofalk 1g  suppositories

Lacri-Lube ophthalmic ointment

H2 receptor antagonists – Ranitidine tablets and oral solution, Famotidine, Cimetidine tablets – remain out of stock

                Some pharmacies were able to hold recently – Nizatidine 300mg capsules and Cimetidine oral solution, but available intermittently as still national shortage of stock

  • Oral contraceptive:  Brevinor& Norimin – out of stock until late October/November – no UK equivalent available, patients on this contraceptive pill should be prescribed alternative
  •   Yiznell – out of stock, no date – Yacella, Yasmin and other UK equivalents remain available
  • Mirtazapine 15mg &45mg orodispersible – out of stock – Mirtazapine 15mg/45mg tablets are available instead
  • Promazine 25mg&50mg tablets – out of stock, oral solution remains available
  • Metronidazole gel – only Acea brand out of stock, Metrogel and Rozex remain available

How does it affect me?

If your dispensing pharmacy tells you that your usual medication is not available, and can’t offer alternative brands, suppliers, or like for like medications, you can let us know. However, different pharmacies may have different suppliers, and may be able to supply your medication so we are likely to suggest this as one option. We are able to provide you with a paper copy of your prescription to take it with you if this is required.

For medication that is generally unavailable, our reception team will liaise with the GP and pharmacy on your behalf to find the nearest alternative for you and will arrange a new prescription. However, this is occurring with an increasing number of medications and since the types vary at times, please bear with us whilst we deal with this as quickly as we can. Please try to obtain your prescription whilst still having a week’s medication in hand in case these issues arise. However, if your medication is needed urgently, please let us know.

You do not need to make a doctor or nurse appointment for this.

For more information you can refer to the Medicines Factsheet Information on medicines supply for patients.

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