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Data Protection

All personal information kept by the practice is covered by the Data Protection Act and the practice is registered with the Office of the Information Commissioner.

Your medical records are subject to strict confidentiality arrangements. All staff within the practice, and those who are attached to the practice such as Health Visitors and District Nurses, have clauses in their contacts that spell out the importance of confidentiality. Breaches of our confidentiality code would result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.

We store your medical record on our EMIS computer system. Emis is an accredited GP supplier. We are responsible for ensuring that your record is accurate and you can help us by informing us of any changes to your name and address etc. We keep secure back ups of our computer information and verify those back up quarterly.

Your medical records will be sent on to your new Doctor if you register with another practice. We have signed up to the NHS system called GP2GP which means that we can send your records electronically to your new GP if they are connected to this secure system. This enables your records to arrive almost instantaneously after your registered with your new practice.

We share information with other health professionals involved in your health care unless you ask us not to. These health professionals work in hospitals, Primary Care organisations and other related bodies. We do not release information to any wider bodies that can be traced back to you.

We do not transport unencrypted data on laptops, data sticks or other mobile technology.

We always ask for written consent before we release medical details relating to medical forms, insurance forms or in letters requiring medical details. We allow you to view these forms/letters before they are sent.

You are allowed by law to access your medical records. There may be a charge for this. See section ‘Your Medical Records‘.

Feel free to ask us to correct any errors of fact that may have been entered onto your records over the years if you notice them during a consultation or when accessing your records. After all we have been using computerised records for over 20 years now and however hard we try there may be some isolated incidents where we have entered erroneous information.

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