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A Guide to Pre Bookable Nurse Appointments

We are happy to announce that our Nurse Practitioners and Nurses appointments are now available to book online!

Please follow the guide below to ensure you book with the right person at the right surgery.

Childhood Vaccinations

The practice will contact you when your child immunisations are due. These appointments are not available to book online.

Contraception and Sexual Health

For new contraception (please book 2 consecutive appointments – to allow enough time), emergency contraception, reviews, Sexual Health advice, Swabs and Depo –Provera injections you can book with any of our nurses at any site.

Smear Tests

For a smear test please book in with Llinos or Lisa at any surgery.

Ear Syringing

All of our nurses can see you for Ear syringing at any surgery.


B12, Flu, Shingles, Zoladex and other immunisations can be given by all Nurses at any surgery.

Travel vaccinations

Travel vaccinations are carried out by Llinos and Bridget. Please see the Travel Information page and follow guidance given. These are private appointments and may incur charges.

Wound Care

All nurses at all sites carry out Minor Injury assessment such as removal of foreign bodies, burns plus removal of sutures, clips.


You will normally be contacted by the Practice for your Annual review as these are carried out by different team members and may require blood tests prior to your appointment. If you feel you are overdue please contact the reception staff.

If you have any questions please contact our reception team for advice.

Sign into Patient Access here

For Repeat prescriptions please do this through patient access.

Colds are generally mild and short-lived, so there’s usually no need to see your GP or Practice Nurse if you think you have one. You should just rest at home and use painkillers and other remedies to relieve your symptoms until you’re feeling better. Please follow this link for advice: http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Cold-common/Pages/Symptoms.aspx